Event Photography

Let’s discuss event photography, shall we?

Why do we take photos? To remember stuff as they are right now, right? If you don’t have a photo of a specific event in time, don’t you have a hard time remembering it? No? It’s just me? I think you’re lying.

Ok, so I’m of the belief that if you don’t photograph it or write it down in great detail, chances are you won’t remember the event. Poof, it’ll leave your brain. Let’s take a look at 2 very similar events that happened just recently to 2 super awesome & amazingly gorgeous women (Brooke & I) & our 2 equally as cool kids (Owen & Olivia, who btw are destined to be united in marriage one day.)

Brooke: Humble Brooke is a fantastic mom of 5 who plans everything down to the minute detail. She will tell you this isn’t true & when she does, nicely ask her to share her pictures of Halloweens & her kids birthdays. Enough said. Owen had a big event in January. He turned 8 & in our religion this means he will be baptized. Smartly, Brooke handed the camera duties over to me so that she wouldn’t have to worry about getting some awesome pics on this important day. Gold star for Brooke.


















Julie: Julie is me. I am not smart. Olivia turned 8 on leap day (or she turned 2 depending on how you look at it.) Anyway, I did not hand the camera over to someone & thus have but a few photos of said day. I snapped a few shots of my parents & us before leaving for the baptism & have 1 or 2 of the party afterward. Sad…so very sad. 

Lovelies, the lesson to be learned today is, if you are rich & like to throw money into the wind, hire me to come photograph your event. If you are normal (read: money conscientious & smart), ask someone to take pictures for you. Not only will there actually be pictures to look at after the event is over, but you might actually be in some of them. Now wouldn’t that be weird? As a mom to actually to be in some of the photos? A novel thought.

Take the picture taking part of the day off your hands. You’ll be glad you did. Next time we’ll discuss the importance of being IN photos.


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