The Kimball Family

Meet the Kimball Family.

Trying to plan for a fall photo shoot can be rather difficult. Many photographer’s fall schedules fill up before the tulips in the spring have bloomed. Booking your shoot at the peak of the colors isn’t rocket science but you are at the mercy of mother nature! If you have your heart set on a fall family photo shoot, plan ahead! WAY ahead…like book now.

The Kimball family grabbed one of my last Saturdays in October. The colors were starting to drop but after a lot of driving around & researching locations, I found one! The shoot was great: mother nature cooperated, the clothing was perfect, the people were beautiful, the colors were still lovely…success! We got a lot of great shots.

They decided on a photo that wasn’t as colorful as they wanted but everything else was perfect. Solution? Add more color! Here is what photoshop can do for you & your fall color dreams!


 Kimball 2014 IMG_5025-Edit


Kimball 2014 IMG_5025-Edit 5

And here are a few more shots from the day:

Kimball 2014 IMG_5102-Edit Kimball 2014 IMG_5126-Edit Kimball 2014 IMG_5173-Edit Kimball 2014 IMG_5197-Edit Kimball 2014 IMG_5615-EditKimball 2014 IMG_5414-Edit Kimball 2014 IMG_5444 Kimball 2014 IMG_5563  Kimball 2014 IMG_5678 Kimball 2014 IMG_5731

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