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Happiness Among the Apricot Trees

Family photos don’t have to be painful. Here are a few tips to success in your next family shoot:

1. Let the kids help choose their clothing. Kids like power. If you let them be involved, they’ll be happier during the activity. 


2. Don’t be afraid to show feeling. If you feel like kissing someone, do it. If you feel like laughing out loud with a wide open mouth, do it. If you feel like grabbing your husbands tush, do it.


3. Don’t get so emotionally involved. Try to understand that the stars may not necessarily align for your shoot. Don’t create this crazy, ideal, perfect photo in your mind. You’re bound to end up disappointed. Every person doesn’t have to have their perfect smile or perfect legs or perfect hands. Photos should be a representation of your family at that moment. Do you sit around grinning perfect all the time with your hands & feet folded? Have a little fun! Laugh. Wiggle. Be alive! 


4. I repeat: Laugh. Wiggle. Be alive.