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Red hair & freckles

Meet Gwen or Super G, as her family calls her. This pretty little thing wanted a shoot just for the heck of it & I was glad to oblige. We chose the Ogden Train Station as our location & up until the last minute everything was fine & dandy. It started pouring rain…like torrential downpour. No matter though! We were under cover by the train area & just kept on shooting. Here are a few of the shots we got!  Gwen2015 - 019 Gwen2015 - 031 Gwen2015 - 127 Gwen2015 - 194 Gwen2015 - 276 Gwen2015 - 299 Gwen2015 - 367 Gwen2015 - 466 Gwen2015 - 491

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K & D: Engaged!

Meet  Kaitlyn & Dallin, engaged to be married in May 2015

These photos were taken at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City. Spring came early to Utah & the trees lining the entire building were in full bloom. What a beautiful day!

Brower Dressman Engage 2015-7030Brower Dressman Engage 2015-7107-Edit Brower Dressman Engage 2015-7132-Edit Brower Dressman Engage 2015-7272-Edit Brower Dressman Engage 2015-7385 Brower Dressman Engage 2015-7505 Brower Dressman Engage 2015-7632 Brower Dressman Engage 2015-7659 Brower Dressman Engage 2015-7729 Brower Dressman Engage 2015-7772 Brower Dressman Engage 2015-7798 Brower Dressman Engage 2015-7833 Brower Dressman Engage 2015-7858 Brower Dressman Engage 2015-7880

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Have a Koch!

Meet the Kochs (pronouced Coke, ha!) In keeping with the last post on twins, I thought I’d give you another set; this time a little bit older. Once twins are older than 3ish, photographing them is easy peezy, even combined with younger & older siblings. Kids in general are fun, fantastic, & lively. They give endless facial expression & almost endless energy.

Shooting the Koch’s was a highlight of my summer 2011 (yes, I’m behind on blogging shoots. Bare with me.) We laughed, we jumped, & they laughed at my jokes which earns them an automatic spot in my tender photographer’s heart, AND we got some really fantastic images. Enjoy!

And of course, the whole Koch bunch including the two responsible for this ciaos. Might I add too, that these parentals had no intention of being photographed that day. I forced them to jump into a shot or two promising if they didn’t, they regret it later.

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“Hi Julie, this is …. & we need photos & we have TWINS!”

Fear always creeps into my photographer heart when these words are uttered from the mouth of a client. These shoots always leave me exhausted & sweaty, but the resulting photos are tender & nothing short of a miracle. Shooting one baby is hard. Shooting two babies is …whoa.

If you have twin babies & you are planning family photos, here are a few tips:

1. Plan on the shoot taking extra time.

2. Be patient with the kids, yourself, & the photographer. Remember, all you need is one good shot but it might take 25 to get that one good shot when twins are involved!

3. Smile even when you don’t feel like it. Oh, & have fun. Photos won’t look fun unless you’re having fun!

Don’t forget the most important relationship in the family! Your spouse! It’s what got you into this situation in the first place! Document it!

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Bridals – Jamie


Sometimes when I come home from a photoshoot, I am on a high for days! I guess this means my camera is my drug & baby, I’m addicted. 


 I moved to Davis County in 2010 from Cache County where I had lived for a little over 15 years. I was super nervous about finding new locations for my photography. Jamie contacted me shortly after my move & wanted me to do her wedding photos. She had done her homework & knew that she wanted Elizabethan style photography: classy, clean, simple.

We didn’t know each other before meeting at the Utah State Capitol for her bridal shoot. This is not a super uncommon practice for me, since many of my clients may live out of state or too far away to actually meet in person. The minute Jamie stepped out of the car, I knew it was going to be a good day. Look at her! She’s gorgeous! Making her look good wasn’t going to be work at all! It didn’t take us long to click & start getting these amazing photographs. My only sorrow was when the sun went to bed & photos were no longer possible.




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